A Data Driven Guide to Becoming a Consistent Billionaire

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The Art and Science of Data

Did You Really Think All Billionaires Were the Same?

Recently, I became a bit obsessed with the one percent of the one percent – Billionaires. I was intrigued when I stumbled on articles telling us who and what billionaires really are. The articles said stuff like: Most entrepreneurs do not have a degree and the average billionaire was in their 30s before starting their business. I felt like this was a bit of a generalization and I’ll explain. Let’s take a look at Bill Gates and Hajime Satomi, the CEO of Sega. Both are billionaires but are they really the same? In the past decade, Bill Gates has been a billionaire every single year while Hajime has dropped off the Forbes’ list three times. Is it fair to put these two individuals in the same box, post nice articles and give nice stats when no one wants to be a…

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Annual Review


What a year.

I could wax philosophical or just tell it as it is.

Well, I’ll tell it like it is because that’s the thing to do.

What happened to the people around me?

My immediate younger sister got married in October. Thank God. Now I am the only one not yet married of all the children. No pressure. It was a fun event and to make it even better, she married the younger brother of a friend of mine making the event both a family event and a high school reunion of sorts.

To add to the joy of that, the younger sis and her husband relocated to foreign climes to settle and work. As we speak, she’s on the cusp of joining the management cadre over there as a full-fledged manager. High-flyer blood in these veins, man.

And babies. Yeah, more babies!!!!!!

Chidera and little Uyi(boy) arrived.

Chidera, in particular, landed on her mum’s birthday ( That’s some superior logistics, bruh. 😀 )

The clan’s just growing bigger.

What did I do this year?

I panicked. My government decided it was okay to fiddle with currency controls and the naira keeps falling against the dollar. Free fall city out here. I decided I had to convert all my cash investments into tangibles and went on a buying spree of assets.

Once again, family helped. Acting on family intelligence and some backup from selected members, I completed a nice little project back home. Worth it. Yet to see it but from the drone pictures so far, that is some impressive sh**.

I came close to finding love this year. Made a lot of really good friends online and different people at different times became closer than friends. For now, I am quite happy at all the lovely strangers that turned to friends and hope not to have to hurt any of you in 2017.

What did I do right this year?

I got my menial situation right. With some effort in late 2015, I was able to get a domestic assistant to handle chores at home. This really freed up time for me and allowed me better enjoy 2016. It is a refreshing feel being able to hand off things to other people. In fact, the success of this experiment is leading me to embrace delegation in other ways.

Still on the subject of delegation, I have always had lots of tiny little projects i promised to do someday but procrastination has not allowed me do anything about them. This year was a little different.

Met a guy on twitter and commissioned him to complete one of my pet projects: translating great books into the Yoruba language. I got him to help translate Sun Tzu’s Art of War into Yoruba.  A refreshing read it was though other reviewers later criticized it for being literal translation with some nuances lost. I also got my TL to help with reviews. At the time of writing, I have already had one good reviewer provide more than 10 feedback comments and also have a graphic designer waiting to handle the cover.  It is fun achieving stuff through people.

Let me repeat that:


What was my workplace like? Sigh. 

It was both good and bad. Because of prior experience and an unwillingness to disappoint, I stepped back from a role that was bespoke for me. This basically led to me having a ringside seat throughout the year to something I would really love to have being doing.

Being the samurai I am, I still ended up contributing to it even though the credit was never coming my way. As God would have, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Why?

The year ended with the role falling in my lap. Again.

This time its because the person running it has decided he was done working for us and exited the organisation. Someone had to do it and voila! Muyiwa’s right there.

Well, not exactly. I judged rightly that I would need some time to get into the flow so I don’t underwhelm after someone else had already performed that exceptionally so I allowed another team mate take over in the interim (with secret knowledge that he was also leaving the team too. Why is everyone leaving? ).  So far, that has worked excellently well.

Who/What wowed me this year?

This could be a separate article on its own and will eventually be but let me make a few mentions.

Phyno’s Fada Fada must get a special mention in my yearly review. I don’t speak the Igbo language but I loved the song from the first time I heard it and having a teammate translate it for me even made it better.

What’s on the horizon?

My company’s (and the rest of the industry) is ramping up to disengage staff. There is no guarantee that anyone would not be included. However, whatever the future may hold, I am leaving it in the hands of God to help me get the best choices.

I also hope to get married in 2017 ( you never know). Whatever happens, I am determined to love a bit harder in 2017 and see where it goes.

And if possible, I want 2017 to be the year I started moving even faster ahead again. I have been waiting on a lot of things. 2017 is a chance for me to begin again.

May God grant us all our dreams. 


At home.

Some days you sleep lengthwise, some days you sleep breadthwise,
Some days you don’t and you pine all night.

Some days the TV is noise, Some days it’s a colorful circus,
Some days its human voices in a quiet house.

Some days you eat it bland, some days its good to share,
Some days there’s too much for a lonely one.

Some days a quiet refuge, some days a hot cage,
Some days you fear to die alone.



Intro to Chess

Chess pals

Chess is fun and has relatively easy-to-learn rules. It relies on the mind’s ability to solve problems, and may help reduce impulsiveness and increase patience. Mastering chess can take years, and it’s best learnt at earlier stages in life when the mind is in a formative stage.

The origins of chess are not exactly clear, but many believe it evolved from earlier games played in India almost two thousand years ago. The game of chess as we play it today has been around since the 15th century where it became popular in Europe.

Enough history. Can we dive in now? Yes? Aha.

The Aim of Chess

Chess is played between two players, one is referred to as White and the other one as Black. White starts playing first and they go on in turns.

Each player in a game of chess has 16 pieces. 1 king, 1 queen, 2 bishops…

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The Sun Tzu Commandments.

Was musing on Sun Tzu early this morning on twitter and I more or less started summarizing Sun Tzu’s Art of war. So far I have simplified as far as 13 commandments but clearly that is not all it is. Anyway, too lazy to type it out so enjoy:

Annual Review

The 2014 Review

I wrote a review last year and it was a great way to release stuff that was on my mind so i decided to do another one this year.

This is my off-the-cuff summary of my year. Rather than wait to draft something perfect, I have decided to just get it all out. I will edit as I read it more and more.

2014 was interesting to say the least. 2014 was a year of changes.

There were new tasks. New team mates. New roles. New issues to fight. New revealed flaws. New learnings. New Joys.

As before I will review it under key headings.

2014: Pride , A fall and a changed playing field.

My 2013 was a great one like I said earlier and I guess that went to my head.

In the early part of the year, I forgot a few of the earlier lessons learnt and some of the old fears and habits crept in unnoticed. I took my eyes off the ball and to all intents and purposes, as far as I was concerned, I was doing A-OK. And then a cold shock. I suffered a reverse on one of my projects due to poor stakeholder management. If I had done nothing at all, I would not have been irritated but I had delivered the bulk of the requirements before the mexican standoff happened.

I got really pissed off.  😡  Exceedingly. Luckily, I did not act out my anger.

That episode also brought back to mind a harsh truth: I am not immune to failure. I am no different ( yes, I’d like to believe I am) from the rest of the human race in being susceptible to errors and mistakes.

To compound issues, the playing field changed. My team got a star debutante and also many new responsibilities. In one fell swoop, my plan for the year just went to bits. Every where I looked, it seemed it was just one door closing after another. It was either being gently asked to ‘share’ responsibilities with someone or some outright backdoor activity by colleagues ( story for another day).

But as usual, the Man Up There stepped in and took care of things in a manner that was clearly miraculous.

First, God found a way to move on many of the different contenders. Some got better jobs and moved on. There was also a divestment of company staff and assets which resulted in people having to move on. Because of the sensitive nature, I cannot say more about this but remember that verse in the bible about plotters being put asunder and scattered? Yeah. To the ends of the earth.
Secondly, a major global project got delivered and they had an urgent need for someone to support it, so I stepped forward. It turned out to be a major boost. If I had been planning how to get recognized by my new global manager, I couldnt have chosen better. With it came visibility (which it did) but also opportunity to work across time-zones and with global standard expectations characterised less by market-like negotiation and more focused delivery. In fact, stepping forward for this role has done more for my delivery this year than anything else.

2014: Changing of the steeds.

This was also the year I replaced my beloved jalopy. If a man can love a rugged old car, I loved that car.
Yes, it could not run as fast as all these flashy new ess-you-veeees (In fact there’s a lag time from pressing the accelerator to the actual car movement ) but on a hill or in a mudflat there is that confidence you just feel knowing you could press the AUX gear and ride out like a freaking Gee. Anyway, old Sir George ( I like naming my possessions. They are not things. They are people) was already showing signs of wear and tear and developing a taste for gallons of engine oil. And so George was offloaded to a close relative for a good family-bond-maintaining fee.

The new replacement has not yet been named. Partly because it ate my holiday fund (beef) and partly because I am not sure I should give my car a feminine name ( its sleek lines seem so feminine ).

2014: Rooted to a place.

Because of some large expenses early in the year, I ended up having to give up all plans of travelling. As such this year was spent actively consoling myself with activities within Port Harcourt. Quite amazing what you can come up with when you are determined not to feel the loss of something.

2014: Year of the Passover.

It is not good to crow so loudly in the midst of so much suffering or pain. So this will be brief. Earlier in this review, I mentioned a disengagement of staff. Well, I was not touched but some of my colleagues were ( we thought we were too young to be sacked but alas ). It has opened my eyes to the need to always be happy to stay but ready to move at any moment. It is not a good thing to be caught unawares by such. Let’s just say, I am about my business now.

So what did not come to pass and what else came to pass? I’ll run through.

  • Went back to church and became more regular. On my way back I should say but I am making more of an effort to achieve holiness.
  • Still single 🙂 . Not yet met her. To be honest, I did not even try. Too busy fighting battles I guess.
  • Clocked 30. ( Got moody actually when this happened. Interestingly I noticed something similar on the Twitter Timeline when certain single age-mates clocked the same age too. Symptoms: Lamentation, Short Social media sabbaticals, more marriage related tweets :D. Will report on further observations 😀 )
  • Transitioned fully from my hesitant save-first approach to money to a more opportunistic asset-based approach ( might talk about this sometime).
  • Better work life balance: I stopped overworking by default and moved to doing it on an as-needed basis. When you stop working at 4pm, its like you have a whole ‘nother day before sleeping. Almost went batty coming up with activities to fill the new space. Still finetuning this.
  • Last man standing. ( 😀 The Official Secrets Act will come into play here ).

2014: Chickens coming to roost. In a good way.

Lastly, my life ordered itself somehow. This year marked my fifth year of working after graduation and all of a sudden, it seemed as if the lessons of the past five years coalesced into a more relaxed way of living. If I would hazard a guess, I might be settling into a comfortable routine way of living characterised by less stress due to well considered choices for many of my normal stressors. The work-life balance I mentioned earlier is just a part of the many alterations that just occured. If it is not too prideful to say, I would actually say that in 2014, I kind of grew up…fast.

Annual Review

30 and thriving.

This will be a short post.

Finally hit the big Three Zero on the 7th of October.

Dreamt about being 30 as a kid and yes I had lots of ideas about who I would be by the time I was thirty.

In some ways, they have been fulfilled and I need new dreams. In other ways, the target is still far off. Either way, I am thankful to God for having come this far and happy to still have my friends and family around to celebrate it.

Of course for such a significant milestone, it means quite a number of things to me.

The end of excuses( if they ever existed). I do not subscribe to the young-if-not-60 camp. I guess the age excuse is now dead and buried.

The end of some self-delusions. This age is a hard target for some of my habits and beliefs. Implementing that is going to be a real pain but I am confident of success in that respect.

It is also a new beginning. Read an article a while back about life being in 5-year sizes. I can say the last 5 have been quite eventful. I look forward with excitement and not a little trepidation at what the next five will bring.

So its time to ask the famous interview question:

Muyiwa, where do you see yourself in the next five years?

God knows and I pray he directs.